Bad Girl Boots

by Stef Campbell

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released October 19, 2013

Guitar/Vocals: Stef Campbell
Bass: John Conway
Vocals: Amy Joyce
Guitar: Conn Smyth
Drums: Matt Jamison



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Stef Campbell Belfast, UK

Stef Campbell is a singer/songwriter based in Northern Ireland. Singing catchy folk and Americana influenced songs, she is a "guitar-wielding storyteller" (, "stringing sentiments together most beautifully and intelligently" (

Stef has had a busy 2013, with performances across NI.
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Track Name: Bad Girl Boots
Don’t watch the time, ‘cos I am done counting hours
If you want to buy my heart, it better be with whiskey not flowers

If you want a piece of me, I’ll try you on for size
I don’t want you honesty, but I’ll take your sweet damn lies

Cos I’m kickin off my good girl shoes,
I’m shakin off those bad time blues
And I’m trying on my good girl boots

I’ll take your sweet red wine, but we all know harder is better
I’m changing my shell now, I’m swapping my cotton for leather

I’ve found the spark, now I’ve got fire in my eyes
I’m done rolling over, just look for the heat in my smile

You’d better watch your back
I’ll stop you in your tracks
I’m not the girl that you once knew
I’ll bring you to your knees
I’ll have you begging please
I’ll make your heart go boom boom boom
Track Name: If I'm The World
Once upon a time you told me everything would be just fine
Was that just a story for you?
Every now and then you’d let me catch a glimpse inside
Was I supposed to close my eyes?

Once upon a time you’d show a little human kindness
Towards all of those who circled you
But every now and then you’d seem to take the truth and twist and bend it
No one ever really knew you

Oh if I’m the whole world to you
If I’m the whole world to you
Would you be so quick to brush off everything we've been through?

If I’m the whole world to you, the whole world to you
Whole world to you, whole world…
Woah, woah, woah

Once upon a time I tried to keep it all in line
But you took my trust and burst right through
Every now and then you’d show me just how low you’d go to win
But I never thought you’d break me in two
Track Name: My Front Door
Oh friend you think you have won
Your winning time will never come
You left before the end was set
You missed seeing what you left

Always running down the rocky road
Believing you had the heaviest load
Never stopped to look and see the view
Busy with myopic thoughts of you

Keep on running baby (Keep on running)
Don’t look back baby (Keep on running)
No one here will cry (Keep on running)
If you don’t return (Just drive on)
Just drive on darling (Keep on running)
Away and slide on darling (Keep on running)
No one will come running if you (Keep on running)
knock on my front door (On my front..)

Picked your team and changed and changed again
Never worked out who was to blame in the end
Switching sides will never win them all
In this game at some point everyone will fall

Missed the boat and ran to catch the train
Station’s empty and you’re running back again
Play your part take your final act
Then take that halo off your head and paint it black.